Breaking News… and a quick rant :)

Well, the new stuff is nearly here to show buyers, and there are a few pics on the website
All will be available to buy online in around 6 weeks…

Does everyone like the new style website? I think it’s so much better, I really do.

Ok, so breaking news! ASOS have confirmed a special order, of all the Jocasi hits – the Gladstone, the Parax, best of those low slung belts, they are all coming back on ASOS in a big way.. And let’s be honest, ASOS are the world’s number 1 online retailer. Move over Topshop, ASOS are number 1! And for us, the chance to let everyone get hold of the “Best of Jocasi” is a real honour.

You see our prices are low and always will be. I know we used the Python recently, which was kind of outside our comfort zone. It worked, but I know some big Jocasi fans felt we were going too upmarket.. Well, wait until the new stuff comes out. It wont be available to buy for a month – six weeks, but the prices are low low low for incredible Jocasi-style quality (comparable to couture).

Some brands use expensive PR companies to force the odd celeb to wear their product. We have never, ever manipulated our loyal customers in this way. What you see is what you get! Kind of over the whole celeb thing anyway – girls who buy Jocasi do so because they trust their own taste, their own style. Long, long may it continue… As I fondly remember, we were described in Nylon magazine as a “rock n roll” brand, not for Jocasi the usual blabber “vintage inspired with a twist of urban” etc etc.. Do me a favour!

We are who we are… Shall I get off the soapbox now!?

Chinese New Year on Sunday – what is it this year? surely someone on FB can fill me in. Might have to go down to Chinatown.. Ok, that’s it, you know where we are, catch up soon … xxx



uktvSTYLE Belt Cincher

Anyone who is anyone is wearing corset belts this season. Flattering and sexy you can wear them smart with a suit or sultry with an evening dress. uktv STYLE recommend our Mythology belt as one of the best waist cinching belts.
So come on ladies, get corseted!

New Website Gone LIVE!

Our new website has just gone live; with a lovely new clean look and more functions we know you’re going to love it!
To celebrate the event we are holding a sensational 50% Off sale, come and have a look and grab yourself a bargin or two!
Plus there’s a preview gallery of our Autumn/Winter 07 Collection, so stop by and catch a glimpse of our fantastic upcoming products.
New Site
Click for a larger image.

If there are any features you’d like to see us add, please let us know! comments always welcome, we value your opinons.

Bank Holiday Weekend Success!!

Of course, being a bank holiday weekend, it did nothing but rain for 2 and a half days solid.

The opening of the new boutique on Saturday was a blazing success (despite the weather)
Here are some piccies of our lovely new boutique:

Shop SignShop Sign

Inside Boutique Inside the Boutique

Shop Close Up Close up in the shop

Bags & Clutches Shelf display

And of course, there’s our new items, exclusive to the shop!

jewelleryand jewellery!

Come down and visit us some time; 19 fouberts place, carnaby street, london. We’ll be handing out money off flyers for the next few weeks to celebrate the launch of the shop, so if you’re lucky enough to pick one up you can grab yourself some great stuff for a great price!

20% off at Boutique Opening!

Hi all!

Everyone here is so excited (and soooo busy!!) because of the opening of our new boutique on Carnaby Street in London.

We have offered those on our mailing list a fantastic 20% off purchases during our first week, and since you lovely people are reading our blog, we’ve decided to extend that offer to you too, as a thank you for supporting us.
Either click this link for the flyer or click on the image below for a copy of the e-flyer offer. Print it out, and bring it with you to recieve your discount.

Opening Sat 26th at 10am!
See you there!