Breaking News… and a quick rant :)

Well, the new stuff is nearly here to show buyers, and there are a few pics on the website
All will be available to buy online in around 6 weeks…

Does everyone like the new style website? I think it’s so much better, I really do.

Ok, so breaking news! ASOS have confirmed a special order, of all the Jocasi hits – the Gladstone, the Parax, best of those low slung belts, they are all coming back on ASOS in a big way.. And let’s be honest, ASOS are the world’s number 1 online retailer. Move over Topshop, ASOS are number 1! And for us, the chance to let everyone get hold of the “Best of Jocasi” is a real honour.

You see our prices are low and always will be. I know we used the Python recently, which was kind of outside our comfort zone. It worked, but I know some big Jocasi fans felt we were going too upmarket.. Well, wait until the new stuff comes out. It wont be available to buy for a month – six weeks, but the prices are low low low for incredible Jocasi-style quality (comparable to couture).

Some brands use expensive PR companies to force the odd celeb to wear their product. We have never, ever manipulated our loyal customers in this way. What you see is what you get! Kind of over the whole celeb thing anyway – girls who buy Jocasi do so because they trust their own taste, their own style. Long, long may it continue… As I fondly remember, we were described in Nylon magazine as a “rock n roll” brand, not for Jocasi the usual blabber “vintage inspired with a twist of urban” etc etc.. Do me a favour!

We are who we are… Shall I get off the soapbox now!?

Chinese New Year on Sunday – what is it this year? surely someone on FB can fill me in. Might have to go down to Chinatown.. Ok, that’s it, you know where we are, catch up soon … xxx



The divine Wild Swans

The Jocasi Collection is now stocked in Wild Swans, Islington. it’s a really lovely place – indeed, I had to be dragged out on my last visit.

Here’s how they describe themselves:
“Wild Swans sell Scandinavian Fashion, Home and Lifestyle. Our brands are 95% Scandinavian.

The name ‘Wild Swans’ comes from the fairytale “The Wild Swans ” by Hans Christian Andersen. It perfectly describes the range of Designers as well as our customers – Beautiful, gracious birds with a bit of an edge’.

Wild Swans boutiques are located on Devonshire Road, Chiswick and on Cross Street in Islington.

The Danish owner, Caroline van Luthje, chose both locations because of their individuality. Both Chiswick and Islington have a village feel, which is hard to find in central London. The shops have a calm Scandinavian softness, style and sensibility.

Caroline and her team like to make a real effort to ensure that they are there to make their customers feel comfortable – it’s very much about creating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere to shop in. Champagne is always served at the weekend and toys are provided for children.

Wild Swans also offer individual, personal styling – many of the staff are experienced personal stylists. The selection of labels is constantly evolving. The designs range from romantic, to funky and feminine. Caroline mixes up and coming designers with the more established ones and is constantly adding new designers that are not represented in the UK and are exclusive to Wild Swans.”

2012 is going to be a fantastic year for everyone connected with Jocasi, I can feel it!
As always, the comments, the appreciative words we hear from complete strangers when wearing Jocasi bags and belts, makes us know what we are doing is worthwhile – that we are still getting it right.

And if not, tell us!

Jocasi is a completely different animal from the one born in 2002. Those days never completely connected with our ethos, however we did become a named brand, and proud of our achievements we most certainly are. Jocasi has spawned countless imitators, some even go as far as to try to call their own brands very similar names! We find this very amusing! Think of your own ideas!! However we take it as a compliment.. I mean, who would buy a copy if you can get the real thing? We wish you good luck, all you impersonators.. But there is only one TRUE Jocasi.

Its always been the same kind of girls who buy Jocasi- people who work in film, creatives, dancers – girls who think outside the box. Why is that? We certainly don’t appeal to the mass market. It’s more to the switched on, smart, sassy and (dare I say it) Sex In The City girl.But without the hefty price tag to match!

Yes, we still sell our iconic Moon Belt loved by celebrities and… why not? Why should this belt not be a staple of every woman’s wardrobe? Some of our top selling bags are redesigned, due to demand, and occasionally included in a new Collection. You will soon be able to check out the new SS12 Collection…Sensational.. Oh and check our new website homepage which will be uploaded any day now… There is a video of the Collection actually being made, it really is fascinating. Our workshops have immaculate working conditions and the tailors are paid very well. If you are on our mailing list you will receive a flyer soon to alert you .. plus some great offers as we all pull together in these tough times. If you’re not on the mailing list, sign up now! So, enough rambling, its all about looking forward and as always, we appreciate you. We appreciate you reading this, hope you’re well.
Take care and we will be looking after you with loads of sassy specials in 2012.. Catch up soon.

Jocasi xxx

Miss Naked Beauty

We love Gok Wan. His natual ability to style is enviable!

Gok recently visited us in our Boutique when he spent the day in Carnaby Street, mobbed by fans, filming his new show called “Miss Naked Beauty” which sees him, along with fellow presenters Myleene Klass and Mica Paris, on a mission to find Britain’s most beautiful “natural” woman.


It was exciting stuff. We can’t wait to see the show, which is set to air in October.

About the show:
Curvaceous, slender, natural or glam, tiny to towering, unconventional beauty or model material … more than 200 women descended on the famous boardwalk to audition for the Channel 4 programme which will be aired in October.

Fashion stylist to the stars Gok is searching the country for a 21st Century ‘Eve’ and ambassador for natural beauty – which means hair extensions are a no-no, metal detectors probe for piercings and fake breasts are ruled out.